WHO CARES?: A Guided Self-Help & Devotional Journal for the Seasons of Life

It is no secret to anyone that our lives are riddled with ups and downs. Moments of great triumph happen alongside times of deep regret; people enter our lives and leave them; our lives feel full of purpose some days, and completely absent of it on others. When the time comes to face these roadblocks, how do we find the strength to carry on or the empowerment to believe in our goals and see them through? How do we summon the will to recover from heartache, self-doubt, and discouragement?

In Who Cares? A Guided Self-Help & Devotional Journal for the Seasons of Life, author Dr. Melita Murray-Carney seeks to help us find these answers for ourselves. Featuring guided discussion, daily affirmations, and insight on a wide range of topics from love and forgiveness to accountability and beyond, this book primarily functions as a journal through which you can examine your spiritual condition in all these areas. Whether you struggle with maintaining discipline, taking risks, recognizing your strengths, or anything else, this spiritual, inspirational, and psychological journal will help you to navigate successfully through life’s most challenging seasons and remind you that through it all, God is by your side.

Melita J. Murray-Carney, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist with more than 25 years of experience in positive and health psychology. She received her bachelor of science degree from Howard University and obtained her master’s degree and doctorate in counseling psychology from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Dr. Murray-Carney works with veterans with spinal cord injuries and enjoys empowering them to have the best quality of life. She is passionate about inspiring people to enjoy healthy, meaningful, and well-balanced lives. God is the center of her joy, and her mantra is “God First!

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