Vegan Mini Cookbook 1 by Paul Jackson

Welcome to the first of many Vegan Colours of Innovative Words - Mini Vegan Cookbooks. Here I will show you delicious recipes that are easy to cook but most importantly they are all free from animal products!

I have worked on these meals for many years perfecting them into food that meets my tastes. Every recipe is wholesome, full of flavour, interesting, even exciting without the need for any meats or dairy products whatsoever.

The focus is on quick and easy to prepare meals that will keep everyone coming back for more. In some of the recipes I have used ready made products now available at most supermarkets as part of the full dish. This first book is split into four straightforward sections, Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, and Snacks. But if you are anything like me nothing really fits into any particular meal box so I just mix and match!
I hope that you enjoy these recipes and I would welcome your comments on the ingredients, methods, tastes, and anything else.
Have fun, enjoy food, save animals!
Paul xx

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