Unleash Your Supernova: 101 Action Steps to Boost Creativity and Beat Burnout

Longevity is crucial for entrepreneurial success, and burnout is very real. Having a vision is the first step, but how do you follow it through to execution? How do you bring your dream to life while sustaining your creativity, enhancing productivity, and balancing your well-being? Creative entrepreneur Nova Lorraine discovered the keys to overcome burnout and bridge the gap between creativity and entrepreneurship—and wrote this book to help others do the same.

From her first paper route, to launching a fashion brand, to now running a multimedia company, Nova has been on the road of entrepreneurship her whole life. In this go-to guide for creative entrepreneurs, she offers action steps to help you identify your inner strength, your supernova, and unleash it to achieve your dreams. Topics include:

  • Identifying your creative DNA
  • Five lessons a paper route can teach you
  • Overcoming the challenges of entrepreneurship
  • How to stay inspired as a creative entrepreneur
  • And so much more!

Whether you are thinking of pivoting to entrepreneurship or are already on the journey, this book is for you.

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