I am that type of person that loved to read books in his every single free minute. That’s the reason I am always looking for some fantastic books that help me improve myself. Because I am very conscious and critical in choosing books not every book appeals to me.  In searching for the books , I found a very interesting and informative books named “Understanding The Matrix Within Internal Earth”. It’s written by the known writer Rena Price.

 She is a well known author ordained minister, life coach and speaker. usually I do not like philosophy books because I am not much in philosophy kind of stuff, always going for technology.  But these books really appeals me. I mean come on who do not want to now about the life of everything the internal earth. Usually it takes me 3 to 4 weeks to read a book but I found this book so interesting and informative that I finished this in only 1 week. After the end of every chapter, I was like “Okay, what’s next now?“

 This book is all about life. It answers all the questions to the life. Usually when it comes to life people only consider themselves . They take life as a thing that is unfolding and out of their reach.  For them life is  the events that are taking place beyond their limits , outside their existence. But in this books Rena Price has prove them wrong. She say that the core existence of life is you,  the cell of life , your body.  She  tells you that you exist with the life. If you are existing then the life is existing. She tells about the complex equation of life what makes the life and how to find your place of existence in the complex equation of life.

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