The Superpower of Online Networking Kindle Edition by Dennis Koutoudis

Since the origins of business transactions, the most important key for professional growth has been the extent of one’s social interactions. The roster of business associations directly influences the volume and, therefore, the performance of one’s operation.

Though we live in an ever-changing world, this rule remains constant, adapted in accordance with the trends of the various historical periods.

And speaking of global change…. Now, enter 2020.

The already prevailing dominance of the Internet over the last decades has been dramatically bolstered during the course of the last year. The imposition of the pandemic lockdown has brought about the ultimate triumph and omnipresence of the Internet.

In less than a year, social distancing has totally transformed our daily lives and our working environments, seeing us avoid our workplaces while working remotely from home, a trend which we predict will be very hard to reverse once we return to normality.

In fact, despite—or rather because of those limitations to physical social gatherings, the gradually yet steadily increasing online community has expanded during the months of the pandemic quarantine at a frenetic pace. As of October 2020, 4.66 billion people are Internet active, which is fifty-nine percent of the world’s population.

Such staggering, unprecedented figures make the transportation of one’s traditional social interactions onto the plane of social networking an act of paramount importance for any professional development, lest we run the risk of being left behind.

During these challenging times—in which people feel isolated, deprived of human contact—let’s use online networking to the maximum. Let’s create solid synergies that satisfy these cravings for connection and elevate our online business and career prospects.

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