The Speech Overture by Éric Bah

★★★ The Speech Overture: How to get your listeners to turn off their *** phones

Preface by Christine Morlet, CSP, international speaker.

Would you like to be able to grab your audience’s attention with your very first words? Would you like to make your listeners as interested as possible in what you have to say? Would you like to instantly weld a whole room together as if by magic?

30 seconds is the time it takes for a participant to decide whether to continue listening to your speech or to dive back into their phone. That’s how decisive a speaker’s first words are.

With The Speech Overture, the most comprehensive book on this important topic of eloquence, you have every chance of making an excellent first impression.

This crucial and difficult part of the speech, the introduction, is examined under the microscope of an expert like never before:

  • 28 examples of overtures illustrated
  • 28 original overtures dissected in great detail
  • 28 historical or contemporary speeches finely studied
  • 7 pages of summaries for better memorization
  • 50 quiz questions to facilitate the assimilation of concepts
  • 10 selected analytical exercises for further study

With the help of this book, illustrated, funny, practical, you will know wonderfully how to captivate your audience. You will master at your fingertips:

  • The 4 missions of an effective overture
  • The 4 needs of the audience that must be satisfied
  • The 28 most captivating opening techniques
  • The 15 mistakes that can seriously harm you
  • The 15 tips that will take you to the next level

The Speech Overture is also an extraordinary tool for all public speaking coaches!

With as a bonus :

  • A sample analysis sheet for practice
  • Addresses of websites where speeches can be found
  • A list of films and documentaries on public speaking
  • A list of essential books, classic and modern

You’re just one click away from unlocking the secrets of the most impactful speakers in the history of public speaking and philosophy.

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