The Practical And Creative Mind Of Filmmaker Raghu Gudiveti

Raghu Gudiveti is from Hyderabad, India and he is currently residing in Los Angeles, California. He is primarily a motion picture editor along with being an accomplished and award winning writer and director. He has worked on countless short films, commercials, music videos along with reality TV series.

Raghu is a very practical and creative editor and he is open minded enough to know that he can learn from almost everyone he works with. While he was editing a TV Christmas movie the producers brought in another editor to help them keep on a tight schedule. Since Raghu was making the transition from editing reality TV shows to feature length movies, the second and much more experienced editor John Quinn, generously shared his knowledge with him. He taught Raghu how the cutting works on a TV feature and TV series and how they are quite different in terms of scheduling and how the editor approaches them. Raghu considers John to be like a mentor to him and he still reaches out to him whenever any editing questions come up.

Raghu has an interesting perspective when it comes to editing and filmmaking. He tells us that as an editor the projects he has worked on so far has made him a better person. You’ve got to have faith in something bigger than what is on your canvas. Art is how you express it, but the idea has to be bigger than yourself. One of his favorite spiritual quotes is, “I know not where He leaded, but I know who is my guide.” You cannot make good editing in the long term without a constantly renewable source of inspiration and support. So believe in something that will give you a foundation no matter what successes and failures, triumph and heartache land at your door.

It is his way of seeing life and the world and how he sees filmmaking and editing in particular. There must be something to it because his accomplishments and achievements in the film industry are quite substantial. The very first film he directed and edited won the Best Short prize at the Los Angeles Cinema Awards in 2018. Many of the shows he has been editor on have won Emmys and other awards.

Raghu has plenty of editing jobs coming up in the very near future. He is in between three for multi-national companies and two web series right now and he is contracted for another editing job coming up soon.