The Method Investor: A Direct, No-Nonsense Approach To Personal Finance by Jason Keith

There are tons of books on personal finance but how many of them discuss the damage your financial advisor is doing to your retirement or what Area 51 in Nevada has to do with your investment success…

It’s about understanding cash flow and the obstacles, including so called professionals that wreck your financial future. It’s about learning how to generate cash in your investments passively and getting everyone out of your pocket. The burden of securing a financial future is shifting to the individual quickly. We can no longer rely on Social Security, pensions, and matching contributions.

Whether you agree with capitalism or not, to be financially successful, you need to be on the correct side of it. We simply need to learn the things that we were never taught.

The Method Investor is divided into two parts – unique principles that apply to financial literacy and a step-by-step investment strategy to create cash flow first.

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