The Kami Pad Difference

This one of a kind Organic Anti-Wrinkle Chest Pad was created for maximum chest & décolleté coverage for those looking to reverse the look of aging skin due to gravity, sun damage, and side sleeping. This fast-acting pad is made from 100% all natural silicone gel, which is commonly referred to in the medical industry as our human “second skin” with many miraculous healing benefits.

#1 Silicone is a Miracle Healer – Instantly when you apply the pad, your skin underneath begins to naturally moisturize and heal itself! Silicone gel is well known for this capability and its the very reason why the medical community utilizes this material for scar & wound care. The Kami Pad stimulates the human body to create its own natural collagen,  smoothing the surface of the skin over time as well as improving wrinkles, elasticity, and pigmentation. It is also widely used as a preventative for those not there yet!

#2 Strength – We formulated this pad for nighttime use when the chest is most susceptible to wrinkling due to varied sleep positions. We formulated a patented, premium quality pad with 4mm of thickness (well beyond the industry standard), to provide the best adhesive capabilities and withstand the inner compression of the shoulders. We also have a “secret formula” used during our manufacturing process which makes the Kami Pad the highest quality luxe pad on the market.


$3 Shape & Coverage – The Kami Pad is uniquely designed to contour your natural chest shape and cover the areas where it matters most ~ cleavage to collarbone to strap line. No other pad on the market has this kind of quality & coverage. In fact, The Kami Pad owns the industry’s widest wingspan of 19.5cm!

#4 Color – We chose a soothing lavender color due to its psychological effect on preparing the body for sleep or relaxation. Lavender is known for healing, peace, & protection.

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