The Corona Virus attacked our planet Earth with the same ferocity, predatory, havoc spreading skills and mysterious element that Dinosaurs once did, a few generations ago. The Coronasaurus Stories is a collection of fictional short stories inspired by real-life events that took place in the year 2020 when Covid-19 hit India.

A Bollywood actor ferrying poor migrants back home; A five-month pregnant DGP diligently executing Covid duties, despite her obvious discomfort; A businessman who went missing for weeks; A sudden, ill-planned, indefinite and complete lockdown that cut off all essential supplies; The healthcare industry stretched to its seams; Nurses and Doctors thrown out of housing societies; Over a million poor migrants walking 1500 km towards their villages in 43 Celcius summer heat; Overseas residents unable to travel back to attend last rites; People getting frustrated, cramped and locked inside houses; and much more.

If you end up liking the book, I will then begin writing a sequel which will consist of Covid-19 stories in the year 2021.

About author Avijit DasPatnaik (Pattu) – After the success of my life biography ‘The Resurgence of the Resolute’, I have continued with my early retirement from corporate slavery and presently settled, happy, and safe (touchwood!) in India with my family. I spend my time currently writing, being around friends and family, traveling, and also taking up banking consultancy assignments.

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