Sisterly: To My Best Friend by Eevi Jones

A Heartfelt Gift & Keepsake for your Sister & Best Friend by USA Today bestselling author Eevi Jones.

Sisters and beloved friendships should be celebrated year-round. With Sisterly, you can now affectionately express your gratitude for each others’ beautiful and special bond throughout the year.

Whether by blood or by heart, sisters are allies for life. Having forged and created magical moments and memories with one another, Sisterly shares how precious you are to each other, and how very lucky you are to have such a beautiful, magnificent soul in your life.

My sister, whether by blood or by heart.
My friend and ally for life.
You push me to grow and to bloom;
to reach for the stars; to thrive.

There’s just one person I trust fully,
without exception, through and through.
No holding back. No hesitation.
And that person? It is you!

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