Shiftly Speaking (Shapeshifter Series Book 1) Kindle Edition by E.L. Jones

The last thing that paranormal romance writer Lacy expected when she went out for a normal, everyday jog, was to be bitten by a horse-sized wolf. The last thing that the alpha of the Winterbourne pack expected when he tried to approach the woman he bit was to be immediately tased and pepper-sprayed. And imagine Lacy’s surprise when she learned the presumed stalker at her front door who she had just tased was not in fact a stalker, but the wolf who had bitten her. Said surprise would only deepen when the man would go on to tell her that she’s now a part of his clan and that she’s now his responsibility.

Oh yeah, and did he mention that werewolves are real?

As the alpha of the pack and the one who turned Lacy, Marcus takes her under his wing. However, with only two weeks to teach her their ways before the next full moon, he finds her to be more than he ever bargained for, and soon the two are testing each other’s limits and clawing their way into each other’s hearts. Marcus discovers that he may have found his mate in the girl, though things are not all peaches and cream.

Trouble looms on the horizon of Lacy’s new life. Marcus is being challenged for his spot as alpha by Jameson, a fellow werewolf whose motives are unclear, but who makes Marcus’s hackles raise with suspicion. And to make matters worse, Lacy realizes that she is not the only one in her life who is harboring secrets. As she begins to uncover the mysteries around her, she learns something about her dearest friend that will change everything.

For those looking for a unique and intriguing take on a paranormal romantic comedy, E.L. Jones’s “Shiftly Speaking” is the perfect choice. Combining a clever premise with lovable characters and a fast-paced writing style, Jones creates a world that readers won’t want to leave. Add it to your collection before the next full moon!

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