Science Simplified: The Virus: We are not all bad! by Shaz Khan

In recent times, people have been confronted like never before with the existence of viruses. With a huge circulation of often misleading information that fosters fear and misunderstanding, the incredible benefits and value of these essential microorganisms are mostly overlooked. Far from being bad, viruses are unsung heroes, playing a key role in the health of ecosystems and life itself! They inhabit every corner of the human body and are found in animals, in the soil, in water and in plants.

Viruses are valuable allies, drivers of genetic innovation, fundamental to evolution and vital to all life. Without viruses, there simply would be no life! Bringing together a vast amount of knowledge accumulated over the years, Shaz Khan provides a highly visual, layman summary of the complex, and still largely unexplored world of viruses and the human virome.

Beyond simply being infectious parasites, viruses should be celebrated for their diversity and ubiquitous nature; integral to the human microbiome and essential agents of evolutionary invention. In an illustrated, color and easily-digestible format, she presents the virus from an unconventional perspective, with the aim to challenge prevailing paradigms surrounding viruses and their role in human health.

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