Rule Roulette: Think Roulette is Random? THINK AGAIN!

Think the game of Roulette is random, THINK AGAIN!!!! When you play Roulette, you are actually playing against the skill of the dealers…. I realize this sounds crazy, the way that little ball bounces around all over the wheel before it lands. But you can take it to the bank! The dealers can affect the outcome of the spin and often do, especially if you are playing a system.

They absolutely LOVE it when you go in and use some sort of system thinking you are going to get over on them. Especially a system that a so-called EXPERT sold you. They love it because they know exactly what you’re going to do before you do. It’s really quite easy for them. Of course, it’s not a perfect science, and they can and do occasionally get an odd balance. HOWEVER, for the most part 25% of the time that little ball lands exactly where they aim for….With RULE ROULETTE, you will use the knowledge contained within to your advantage. You will learn to see what the dealer is doing and use this knowledge to turn the tables on them… AND WIN.

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