Relationships Matter: Manage Your Thoughts, Feelings and Actions to Develop and Maintain Healthy Relationships by Nimi Kay

This book offers simple, straightforward tips to know yourself better, elevate your self-esteem, and improve relationships.

Most of us face relationship challenges at some time or another in our lives and then end up feeling like; “I love this person, but they don’t love me back,” or, “I work hard at my job, and no one appreciates it” and so on. We feel hurt, rejected, angry and at times get into a defensive or revenge mode. All these negative feelings drain our energy, and we end up yearning for those more joyful moments that energize and uplift us.

Relationships Matter presents an approach that will help you to plug-up this energy drainage in your life due to challenging relationship situations. This method has helped the author improve her relationships with others, and bring abundant happiness, energy, and enthusiasm to her life.

Relationships Matter provides tips on:


    • How to become aware of your thoughts and feelings


    • How to steer your thoughts to generate happy feelings


    • Removing dependency on external validation for happiness


    • How to uplift your morale and be happy with yourself just as you are


    • How to create right perception about your relationships and open your heart to love


    • In marriage, how to understand your spouse better and strengthen your bond


    • How shifting your mindset can draw new friends to you


    • How to resolve conflicts amicable in marriage and at work


    • How to earn trust and respect from others and how to share your love with everyone


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