Ready, Set, Go to Grandma’s by Sophia Carter-Parker

Ready, Set, Go to Grandma’s is a beautifully illustrated picture book for children of all ages. It is a feel-good story for anyone who has ever had a loving relationship with a grandparent or an elder.

In this book, Cooper takes us along with him down memory lane as he shares his happy tale of love and fun experiences with his grandmother. Smiles, laughter, hugs, and sweet treats make this a story that forces the soul to smile.

Easy to read and full of colorful illustrations, Ready, Set, Go to Grandma’s will quickly become a favorite bedtime story for all. Your children can read it on their own, but best of all, you can read it to them and share some of your stories, too!

Carefully thought out and sensitive, it beautifully depicts diversity, family traditions, and family unity and love. It is a must have for children of all ages!

Order your copy now and enjoy a new favorite story at bedtime tonight!