Pure Reiki Healing Mastery

Pure Reiki Healing Mastery is a downloadable course created by Reiki Master, Owen Coleman.

Coleman suggests that anyone can learn how to use the energy which surrounds all living things (its “life Force”) for healing in any area of life for oneself, for friends and for loved ones.

For me, I consider myself a spiritual minded person. Not religious per se but I have a deep respect for faith, for belief in things that humans cannot see, like “Life Force” energy.

Therefore, I have been interested in how to heal using this “Life Force” energy technique. Not only for myself (okay let’s be real, my first thought was to myself), but I see now how this practice can be of service in caring for the well being of others who want help in this manner.

I wanted to see what this course had to offer. So I purchased the course. And I want to share my experience with  Pure Reiki Healing Mastery **


First, about the perception that Reiki should only be taught in person and by a Master.  I was pleased to find I had no such apprehension after I began the training. The material is well documented and in plain language (no mumbo jumbo, foo foo stuff). It is high quality writing, graphics and layout. And easy to understand (even for me as a complete newbie like myself).

Second, Pure Reiki Healing Mastery gave me the confidence to practice Reiki for my own personal benefit. I had suffered with digestive problems for a long time. Night was especially bad. I would awake at night with burning in my throat from stomach acid. After using the techniques of this course, my symptoms are much less severe. I cannot say I am fully “cured” but at least I rest better at night. This gave me confidence to continue using the things I am learning from this course.

Cons: There is a lot of information in this course (manuals in the form of ebooks,videos (for the Master training) and music). This is not a quick study guide. It will take time to go through the various levels of the course.  As well as time to be comfortable practicing the techniques.

Pros: Although the materials are many. The course is divided up into lessons  in bite sized chunks, as it were. In the manuals for example the lessons were only 3 to 10 pages long with lots of illustrations. It was not difficult to block off 20 minutes or so to  go through a lesson or preview the Master Class videos. The Master Class videos are very well done. Each Master class video has the look and feel of a personalized one-on-one session with a Reiki Master. The course allows for printing your own certificates.

In summary, my investment of this small amount of money and time has paid untold rewards. To me, the highest form of “wealth” is one’s own personal well being.

Here’s to your well being journey, Cheers Visit the site here. 


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