Personalized Gift Ideas For Book Lovers

There is one thing common in almost all book lovers, they keep their books and memories at safe places. A book lover won’t let his memory fade away so easily. If you want to gift something to a book loving or intellectual person, it’s definitely be a book. So that he can place it in his shelf and read it whenever he like to. But what about a gift that he or she can remember lifelong? A gift that can be kept near heart rather then in shelf? A gift that won’t let old memories fade away. And that gift is a necklace with a photo to remember in it.

Photo Necklace

A photo necklace is a kind of necklace that will contain a memorable photo in it. Whenever you will grab this necklace and look into the photo the memories will get fresh in your mind. If you want someone to keep you within your heart for a long time, you should gift this photo necklace to her. And this one is my favorite :

Infinity Heart Photo Necklace Personalized S925 Silver Shadow Engraving Necklace Photo Necklace  

Personalized Gifts

Photo necklace is not the only idea in personalized gifts. There can be so many. One of my favorite stores Koala Print got versatility and variety all the way. Home & livings products, personalized jewelry,  clothing and accessories with your name of photo on it, pets picture and name lockets and so on.

Name Necklace

Names matter so much to book lovers and authors. If your friend is a book writer or readers, try gifting a necklace with her/his name on it. You can expect a wide mouth smile on her/his face once the gift wrap is opened. Koala Print is offering different fonts and styles in name necklaces. My personal recommendation for a book worm will be :

Carrie Style Name Necklace Custom Classic Name Necklace

Name Necklace

Projection Bracelet

If one of your friend is launching her book, what would you gift her? Let me suggest. A projection bracelet with her book cover photo in it for projection. Once she will wear it and the picture of her book cover projects out of it, you can’t even imagine the happiness you can expect. Here is one projection bracelet I would personally be suggesting you.

Custom Photo Projection Bracelet Personalized Picture Projection Bracelet

Projection Bracelet

Book is not always the best gift for book loving people. They are living in this colorful world as well. They need something to cheer about, something to remember as well. Koala Print can give you more ideas of personalized gifts. At least give it a try, it’s worth it.