Pari the Panda: Protecting Kids’ Privacy by Kevin O’Brien

Digital products are changing in a way that, by default, collect consumers’ personal information, habits, and preferences for enhancing their experience, marketing, and/or other purposes.

This introduces new risks that are not always clearly understood and will continue to be a major issue for future generations on a scale that continues to increase every day in our tech-driven, “Big Data” world.

As mobile apps and online activity become more intertwined in the lives of our families, it’s important for your child to be aware of what risks exist when they share their information online. There are certainly benefits to exposing children to technology at an early age, but all children should be better prepared to do so without compromising their privacy.
This book teaches kids at their level a fun, engaging, and educational story about being smart with their online privacy. This book is the first of a series, and first of its kind, to explore the world of data privacy from a child’s point of view. Join Pari the Privacy Panda as she teaches the basic elements of privacy as they apply to mobile apps, and what can happen when you share your information too broadly. In the end, these concepts will better prepare your children for making more informed decisions with the technology they use.

Note: Nothing in this book should be construed as legal advice. Always consult an attorney for your individual situation. This book is intended as a high-level introduction to privacy for young and unsophisticated audiences, and accordingly, the concepts herein have been simplified for the broadest possible understanding.

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