NO MORE ACCEPTANCE: Uncovering and Overcoming the Pattern of the World

n No More Acceptance, Bradley takes the reader through the major methods the world uses to lure people into accepting the pattern of sin while denying the truths in God’s Word. Many times, we do not even realize that we are conforming to the world’s pattern because the methods the Devil uses to get us to fall into the pattern of the world are extremely discreet and can very easily deceive even the strongest of Christians if the Word of God does not guard us.

The reader will be challenged, inspired, and motivated while reading this book to be a living sacrifice for Jesus while at the same time leading others away from the sinful pattern of this world and into the redeeming light of God’s Truth. The stories and tools presented in this book are inspired by God’s Word, innovative, and have a proven track record of success for people of various backgrounds and beliefs. The world will constantly try to hammer us with the hammer of acceptance of sin until the world has us nailed right into place with so many others that have fallen victim to the world’s lies.

The questions we have to ask ourselves is: When the hammer of acceptance of sin comes crashing down on you, will you stand firm on God’s Truth and be a light into the world of darkness, or will you fall right into the pattern of the world as the Devil hoped you would?

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