Mediterranean Diet Meal Prep Cookbook by Lisa Rainolds

Meal prep a four weeks’ worth of delicious Mediterranean diet meals in less than two hours.

What’s not to love about meal prep? It’s budget-friendly, helps you stick to your diet, and saves you loads of time during the week. In this Mediterranean Diet Meal Prep cookbook, we walk you through four weeks of super-simple base recipes that come together to create delicious Mediterranean-style meals for the work week. And the best part yet-all of the prep work can be done in less than two hours. We already mapped out the prep plan for you (shopping list included!) and came up with some simple recipe ideas to create for the week.

Why Mediterranean?

The Mediterranean diet has long been recognized as one of the healthiest and most delicious ways to eat. It’s an uncomplicated and easy-to-follow way of eating. It encourages you to put whole grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and healthy fats like olive oil, seafood, nuts, and avocado at the center of your plate. It also allows for a moderate amount of dairy, eggs, and lean protein like chicken. Red meat, sweets, and processed foods are not 100% restricted, but instead, they are considered “sometimes” foods to enjoy on occasion.

This excellent Cookbook celebrates this feel-good diet. Carve out about two hours for meal prep on Sunday, and you’ll be rewarded with an entire week of wholesome breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

The Mediterranean Diet Meal Prep Cookbook includes:

  • Intro to meal prep―Get expert advice on making wholesome, delectable meals in advance, including the basic principles of healthy prep, a list of must-have kitchen equipment, and ingredients.
  • Guess-free guidance―Take the guesswork out of what to eat with detailed shopping lists and colorful illustrations for essential equipment and grocery shopping tips.
  • Prepped for success―The 4 weeklong meal preps are simplified to keep your kitchen time down, including suggestions for every meal, as well as step-by-step cooking instructions.
  • Storage & safety tips―Master the art of food storage with helpful pointers on grab-and-go containers, foods that don’t freeze well, thawing and reheating prepared meals, smart labeling, and more.
  • Delicious Mediterranean Recipes―Enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean with a fine selection of 50 delicious, nutritious recipes, including nutritional labels and colored images.

Take the stress and guesswork out of eating well-balanced, mouthwatering meals on the go―The Mediterranean Diet Meal Prep Cookbook will show you how thanks to step-by-step instructions and colored pictures.

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