Marketing Mindset by Peter Matisko

Every business requires a strong foundation to succeed in the long term. What exactly defines success anyway? Success means possessing a mindset where we feel good about our work, relationships, and everyday life. Our goal is to excitedly jump out of bed each morning, so we can get to work on the things we love. There is huge competition in business, and to succeed, we must be better than the majority of other people trying to succeed. Even the smallest improvement can generate a huge outcome. The more tools and business principles we know, the more steps we can take.

Many marketing books talk about strategies, planning, tips for success. Our book, Marketing Mindset, provides knowledge for building a remarkably strong foundation for business. It’s not only about marketing, but also the way we should think about our business and clients. Marketing Mindset covers many different areas that will help you build a strong business from the bottom up. Here we will take a look at some core marketing principles, personalities, and their effect on relationships, motivation, power, irrational aspects of human behavior, and the processes that help us keep everything organized and running smoothly.

This book provides plenty of real-life examples, observations, and tips. Being knowledgeable of a theory is important, but one also needs the practical application of that theory for it to be useful.

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