Letting Go – For the Soon To Be Empty Nester by Eevi Jones

Letting Go is a sweet new take on Robert Munsch’s book Love Your Forever and a heartfelt message for parents of children that are about to leave the nest, from USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Eevi Jones.

Often purchased with the bestselling counterpart Forever My Always, this beautifully illustrated and rhyming book depicts what Empty Nesters feel and go through as their grown children venture out into the world on their own for the very first time.

Whether our kids are off to college, a year abroad, or on their first solo overseas adventure, Letting Go is a beautiful reminder that whatever you gave was more than enough.

First days and last days, you had plenty of those.
Yet you didn’t have nearly enough.
Holding her tightly, your heart swells with pride.
With fierceness you share your unending love.

Letting go may be hard.
Letting go may be tough.
Yet know that whatever you gave
was more than enough!

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What Readers Have To Say:

“My daughter is only two and I’m a crying mess right now! This is the perfect gift for my friends whose kids are graduating high school and moving away to college. I’ve already warned my husband that we might be moving to follow our daughter.” ~ G. N. (mother of 1)

“Wow! Nothing going on here, just me, chopping some onions, for a casserole… Beautiful. I loved Letting Go. It touched me, as a father.” ~ P. C. (father of 2)

“I’m in tears. This is so perfectly expressive of what I’m facing in the next stage in my life as a pending empty nester. My son leaves us in August to begin college. His older sister is married and living in Austin. His older brother is married and living in Pittsburgh. Both are too far away for any visits except virtual, especially during the pandemic. My “baby” is the last to fly the nest and this time will be the hardest.” ~ S. R. (mother of 3)

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