Legal Entanglements by Tish Robbins

When Elyse Chapman gets a job as a PA in a prestigious law firm ,she believes that things are finally looking up for her and when she meets sexy millionaire lawyer Jensen Pierce there is more than just a spark between them. Things get even more complicated when Elyse finds out that Jensen is dating her boss’s daughter, spoilt beauty Selina Hillman who makes her disdain of Elyse clear right from the start and sets out to make her life as difficult as possible.
Despite their growing attraction to each other, Elyse manages to keep her distance from Jensen and it’s only when he ends his relationship with Selina after finding out that she cheated on him, that they give in to their mutual attraction and go out on a date together.
Soon Selina finds out that Jensen and Elyse are seeing each other, and things get explosive. When Jensen’s father finds out that his eldest son has fallen for a black girl, he vows that he will never accept Elyse as his daughter-in-law and threatens to cut him off unless he dumps Elyse and gets back with Selina. However, when a long-hidden secret rears its ugly head in the Pierce household, Jensen discovers that his father was never the man he thought he was. Will he be able to forgive his father’s betrayal and his parents’ treatment of Elyse? Or will he cut himself off from his family forever?

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