Interview With The Writer & Producer Heart of a Woman Toni Newman

What are some of the projects that you are most proud to have been a part of?

I am very proud to be part of Heart of Woman based off memoir I Rise. My partner Alton Demore wrote and produced a comedy called Douche Bros and I was a EP on that project.

What are some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on and why?

Heart of a Woman and writing the memoir I Rise-The Transformation of Toni Newman are my favorite projects. I wrote I Rise to discuss the life of an African-American transwoman and the ability to overcome obstacles and move forward.

What kind of writing do you do, and where can we read your work?

I wrote a memoir and write a blog for huffington post. I write about transgender equality and issues concerning the law. The only way to get true equality is through the law.

Where do you hope to be in your career in a decade from now?

EP and Producer of real life projects.

What do you have coming up in 2018?

We are seeking $3 million dollars to produce full feature Heart of a Woman.

What are the major challenges that you have faced in your career?

Prejudice and transphobia. No matter what I faced, I always did my best and kept my head down.

I gave respect and demanded respect in return. I was never concerned about being liked just treated fairly. I work hard and always give 100%.

How do you usually find your ideas?

My partner Alton Demore is the creative one on this team and he has great ideas.

How can we find you on social media ?

tonidnewman on facebook, twitter and instagram.