Inspired Spirit: Mediumship Development by Jill Hanson Pitre

We all experience grief as a part of our souls journey here on the earths plain. For some, the agene is too much to bare but, the knowing of the continued existence of the soul for eternity can be very comforting. This comfort can be found through mediumship. In this book I briefly describe my own experience with grief caused by the loss of someone who was very dear to me. I experienced this loss before I developed my mediumship and endured twenty years of hurt as a result of it. Though the hurt somewhat diminished as the years went by, I was never really able to move past that loss. Then after twenty years, I found immediate comfort after receiving an evidential mediumship reading. It was soon after that I began my own mediumship development journey.

I know mediumship is what healed my heart because it was not long after I began my development that I once again found myself in a position of another devastating loss. Except for this time my experience was far different. So much so that I did not go through a grieving process at all. This was much to my surprise since the second person I lost was the person who loved me the most throughout my life and, had never once let me down when I needed her. This book will offer you answers to the journey of your soul. You will be given knowledge on mediumship and how to develop your own gifts so you too can heal yourself and heal others with the power of mediumship. The main necessities needed to develop mediumship are, an open mind, and patience. I am a Certified Psychic Medium, an Ordained Minister, and I am currently in the process of receiving my certification in Hypnotherapy.

I have researched the fundamentals of mediumship as well as taken multiple courses with various tutors including tutors at the world renounced Arthur Findlay Spiritual College in the UK. I have lead my own mediumship development circle for over a year and I have tutored my own classes offering knowledge to multiple students in many countries. I feel confident you will benefit greatly in developing your own mediumship by reading this book and applying the techniques offered to you by me. I have left a link to my website as well as my email address so any of you can reach me with any questions you may encounter after reading my book.

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