Insider’s Guide To College Success: The Underground Playbook For Making Great Grades, Having More Fun, and Studying Less

Featured on CNN, Forbes, and Inc., is his most comprehensive book on college success to date.

Inside the pages of this book, students will find a complete roadmap for making great grades, having more fun, and studying less!

“This book can help any student in and out of the classroom. This book highlights the essential steps that are necessary to achieve your ultimate goal. After reading this book, my goals felt more achievable.” -Justiss Ferraiuolo, a student at Stockton University.

“Insider’s Guide to College Success answers every question incoming college students may have. Professor Stemmle does a great job explaining how to navigate college life. It is a must-read for all college students.” -Ally Anagnostis, a student at Monmouth University.

“This book was a great read for all college-aged people. There is a lot of information in here that will be very resourceful when in college and when entering the career world.”- Samantha Barlage, a student at the University of Maryland.

Thirty percent of college freshmen drop out after their first year! And Surprisingly, only around half of the students who enroll in college end up graduating with a bachelor’s degree!

The skills students learned in high school don’t transfer well to the unstructured college environment. This book is the solution.

About The Author

Dennis Stemmle, is a college professor, bestselling author, parent of a college student, and founder of College Success Academy. As a college professor, he has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, when it comes to student performance.

I never knew how big our education problem was until my son struggled in his first year of college. As a top-performing high school student, he got into all his desired colleges, and we just never were worried about him performing well.

However, his excitement from his college acceptances, the prospects of moving out of the house, and his embracing his independence, quickly led to frustration, stress, and surprise struggles. After his first semester, our straight-A high school student found himself on academic probation. That’s when I knew I had to figure out why millions of top high school seniors struggle to succeed in college.

I spent months talking to students, looking for similarities, trends, and kernels of knowledge that could help me understand the challenges and issues faced by students transiting from high school to college.

As a result, student success became my new mission. Inside the pages of this book, students will find a complete roadmap for making great grades, having more fun, and studying less!

More Praise

“After giving this a read, I related with the “If you fall behind” chapter, I had hit a slump in the middle of my first semester and didn’t know if or how I was going to catch up. I tried different techniques, and not much was helping, but I now realize how big it is to really talk and communicate with your professors; they want you to succeed as much as you want yourself to. I think that’s a big take away from not only this book but in life.” -Fred Payton, a student at Coastal Carolina University

“This book is a great guide for students that are considering going to college. Reading this made me want to continue my college education. College is extremely hard, and I did not have much guidance going into it. I am also the procrastinator, and honestly, that is the worst thing ever because I would turn in assignments right at the deadline.” -Abria Brown, a student at Mary Baldwin University

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