Illusions of the Damned by Seymour Reide

Esther’s life has been nothing but loss and betrayal lately.

Why couldn’t she stop it?

Forced into her new position as a guard, all she can think about is the night of the feast. On what was supposed to be a joyous occasion, her sister was murdered.

Why wouldn’t the sorrow end?

Caught in the cycle of grief and loss, Esther becomes trapped in Maldevar’s vindictive plan. A ruthless, manipulative, and power-hungry vampire coven leader wants to enslave all creatures to do his bidding. little faith in escaping, Maldevar has a secret over Esther and the rest of the guards, keeping them firmly under his grip.

Then Esther meets Dorian.

A glimmer of hope in the dark world, Esther and Dorian fall in love as they both have suffered a tragic loss. With the help of a seer turned vampire, Omrak, the rebellion finally understands Maldevar’s plans. However, he is more powerful than anyone expected, plaguing the world with a curse and infecting humans and vampires. Weakened and afraid, will Esther and the uprising be able to defeat Maldevar?

Am I strong enough?

The perfect mix of paranormal and dark fantasy, Illusions of The Damned, brings a complex story of grief and romance; despair and hope.

Move over Cassandra Clare, there is a new dark fantasy world, rich with vampires and mythical beings, taking the world by storm

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