Ice House Reality by Ricardo Wilson

Within a biosphere of harmony, lavishness, and beauty, dwells a corrupt world, referred to as the Ice House. Tainted to a level, that makes it very difficult, for the common inhabitant, to comprehend the true nature, of their every-day realities.

As they carry-on day by day, in search of a better place of comfort, pushing through the challenges that enter their pathway, from Kemet and the exodus, to the US and Mexico. From pyramid stages, to borderline agents. From a region, to a religion. From a man, to a skeleton. Possibly, the cycle of existence intertwines, with the ambition to excel.

Vital it is, to remain unpolluted, like fresh fish, living in salty waters, and to be able to make a distinction, between a natural way of life and a super-natural way of life, in order to make the best decisions, to augment their development, and sustainability.

Trudging on the journey through the Icehouse, they constantly find themselves desperately in need of a better life, a better ride, a better position in society, more money, and so on and so forth. Nevertheless, the most important change that is needed, may lie in their perceptions.

Subsequently, life may be seen for what it truly is, in opposition to the various living-conditions, which is propelled, not by nature, nor self, but by man-made guidelines, and implementations. The time is now, the way out is crystal clear. It is all in their power, to fight for what is right, it matters not, how one may feel, for in the end, the Ice House is real.

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