How to Make Your Virgin Hair Extensions Last Longer?

How long does hair extension last? That’s a common question if you are going to get some extensions for your hair. Adding extensions to your hair will give thickness and volume, if you want a beautiful celebrity hair look, applying hair extensions is a perfect way.

Hair extension is a great investment to your hair appearance. If you want them applied professionally, the cost will be very high. They also need special care in order to last long. Before you devoted yourself into this investment, be sure to know what you are getting into. You need to know how long your hair extensions will last.

There are some factors that affect the life time of hair extensions, one is the type of extensions you are buying. Hair extension is available in two types, one is virgin hair and the other is synthetic fiber.

Virgin hair is made of real human hair. It has never been processed by chemicals or other hot tools. The cuticles on the hair are perfectly aligned and facing the same direction. High quality virgin hair extensions can last up to one year.

Synthetic fiber hair is sold less then virgin hair but does not last as long as virgin hair. Synthetic hair can not bear too high temperature, sometimes they feel good but not as natural as virgin hair.


The other factor is the way you apply the extensions to your hair. Glued hair is an easy way and only lasts for weeks. You must be very careful when using glued-in hair extensions because they usually damage your own hair and scalp. Weaving, braided hair will look good on you for several months.

Proper care can make your hair extensions last longer. No matter what type of hair extensions you are adding, you need to take a lot of care if you want them to extend their life. If you do not want your scalp and natural hair to be damaged by your extensions, you need to take extra care.

The first thing to take care of your hair extensions is to follow the after-care instruction. This care sheet will give you tips on how to make your extensions last longer and keep them in good condition.

Make appointments with your hair stylist for regular maintenance of your hair extensions. Your hair stylist will check your extensions condition and the bonding place that holds hair extensions to your natural hair. He will also give you advice on whether you should remove it or not when finding signs that do harm to your real hair and scalp.

How you take care of your extensions? That will largely decide how long will them last. For some good quality hair extensions, such as Brazilian virgin hair from New Star, they are made with real Brazilian hair, their price is a little expensive, so you need to protect this investment because of its high cost. With hair extensions, they not only enrich your natural beauty, but also bring a great confidence to yourself.