How to Find Your Best Wedding Dress? Everything You Need to Know

Well, well, well! Ever since you were a little girl, you had thought of this day. The day you would finally be the bride! All eyes would be on you. You would be the center of attention.

Dressed in a lavish, splendorous, magnificent white dress, wearing something old, something borrowed and something blue, walking gradually up to the aisle like a princess!

Getting married, being a bride, living your dream for sure is fun.

Planning it all, on the other hand, can be a bit of a nightmare. If you want to read more excellent fashion tips, I highly suggest you check out this awesome website.

From booking the wedding venue, to picking up a wedding invite template and design, from cake-tasting sessions to deciding on the salmon vs. steak, from managing the family stay-ins to attending the rehearsal dinners – weddings are too much work.

But trust us on this, at the end of the day, it is all worth it. For a bride, the most tiresome, nerve-wrecking yet interesting work to do is to find the best wedding dress. If you are in the market for one, keep reading to find a few things that might help you in the journey.

Get A Wedding Dress to Fit Your Body, Not the Other Way Around!

Ladies, please. You are precious. You are substantial. You are important. You are just perfect the way you are. Remember the gorgeous bronze goddess JLO in her famous romcom “Monster in Law”? Her badass character in that movie totally refused to munch on salads just to fit in a wedding dress. Be that girl! You absolutely do not need to starve yourself or go through rigorous workout sessions, juts to fit in a freakin’ wedding dress. Eat healthy, eat well, and eat a balanced diet. It is your time to be happy and enjoy the wedding preps, not to obsess over fitting in a wedding dress a size too small.

Get a wedding dress that fits you perfectly. Something that flatters your curves, if you are a curvy gal! Something that accentuate the parts of your body, you are most proud of. If you are petite, get something with a flow, maybe some ruffles. Have fun selecting your wedding dress. And never buy a size small; thinking you will lose enough weight just in time for the wedding to fit in it. Because, that my dear never happens and it will just stress you.

Determine What You Like, Not what the Bridal Magazines Tell You

There are a thousand answers to the ages old question of how to choose a wedding dress. The most significant answer is, do you research. And, a lot of it. Before you go bridal shops and boutique hunting, explore what type of styles and details you personally like the best. Do you want something simple or chic or do you have an eye for an elaborate or couture wedding dress. Do you want to keep things as traditional as possible or you are ready to experiment with your wedding dress by going all modern and contemporary.

Use bridal websites, magazine and blogs just as a point of reference to form your opinion. Ten years later, looking back at your wedding photos you would not appreciate a wedding dress that was trending ten years ago, you would rather be more happy seeing yourself in a dress in a style that you have always admired.

Choosing a Silhouette is Important

Choosing a silhouette is a crucial step of selecting a wedding dress. Select the shape, length and fabric of your wedding gown keeping in mind your body shape, the weather and the overall tone and attitude of your ceremony. Generally, the more formal and more elaborate a wedding ceremony is, the longer the dress would be. Go for lighter fabrics for warmer months and thicker for colder season.

There is a variety of wedding dresses styles available; pick one you feel comfortable in wearing. If you want a full fairytale flare and jazz, ballgown, trumpet, and tea-length styles are the best. However, don’t go for tea-length style if you’re a pear shaped beauty. If you want a more modern-day and chic yet classic bridal look, modified A-line and sheath style dresses would be right up your alley.