How To Beat The Dream Stealers

There are people in life that always want to bring you down and steal your dreams.

‘Dream stealers’ are any person, circumstance, or thought that influences you to belittle, quit,

or give up on your dreams.

Have you ever wondered why you lack focus in your life or are unable to achieve your

goals? Do you want to find a way to crush negative thoughts and become the best version of


This inspirational book will guide you on the path to fulfilling your dreams and guide you

through simple, yet effective philosophies to make your dreams come true. You will learn:

  • What ‘dream stealers’ are and how to recognize them
  • Why you might be self-sabotaging your own goals
  • How to combat ‘dream stealers’ and rid them from your life
  • The keys to success and how to achieve whatever you want
  • Become a ‘dream maker’ and inspire those around you

Don’t wait until tomorrow to get what you want. Learn the tools you need to achieve

your goals now, and in the future. Get the ‘dream stealers’ out of your life for good!

How to Beat the Dream Stealers is a powerful self-help guide which will show you how to master your life and not let anyone steal your well-earned success. Be the person you want to be.

Buy now and let’s get started on the road to success!

What readers are saying:

This book makes beating our dream stealers an achievable reality, extending beyond mere positive thinking.

– Maggie Troy

“How To Beat The Dream Stealers is a down-to-earth and refined contribution to the genre of self-help and personal development. I would recommend this book uppermost to everyone who struggles to reach any goals in life. It is useful for readers who are generally interested in this field, as well as for readers who need some ideas for developing specific action plans. You might even want to use it as a workbook, taking your time to explore and apply the activities.”

 – Daniela Buch

“I most especially liked how this book opened my eyes to the harsh truths of reality in spite of the motivational aura it gives off. I realized how much of a commitment it is to focus on my own goals without getting sidetracked by the discouraging comments of others and even my own mind. I also realized with the help of the exercises that those who truly cares about me are the ones who has the most potential to be my Dream Stealers. Those truths I found out because of this book scares me, but it also empowers me in a way that it can help me strengthen myself now that I know where weaknesses lie.”

– Fae Liesl

“The book is about how to deal with dream stealers and yourself when attempting to achieve your goals. It also deals with relevant goal-achieving themes such as time and habits. I often read business books and I never come across the theme of the dream stealers making this a unique and relevant read. The book is filled with principles to live by and follow. There are short exercises that come after every chapter in the form of introspective questions which are asked for the reader to answer honestly.”

– Daniel Stallion-Keys

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