Growing Up in the Care of Strangers: The Experiences, Insights and Recommendations of Eleven Former Foster kids

What’s it like to grow up in foster and residential care? What information must you know in order to serve the best interests of foster youth? How can you make a positive difference in the lives of these vulnerable young people? Foster and residential care alumni answer these and other important questions through their gripping, inspirational and revealing life stories.

Waln Brown, Ph.D.

John Seita, Ed.D.

Phil Quinn, D. Min.

Angelique Day, Ph.D.

Danita Echols, MSW

Maurice Webb, BSW

Debraha Watson, Ph.D.

Meloney Barney, B.A.

Rosalind Folman, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Sutherland, B.S.

Claudette Braxton, LMSW, C/M, LCSW