Ginnie Transformed! A debut Paranormal Romance novel

The club was always meant to be a means to an end. I would walk away with no school debt and enough money to live comfortably while I pursued my career. Who knew walking into the lab as an egg donor would have me leaving with the perfect job. I could happily put my days at the club firmly in the rear view mirror and that weird one off moment with the handsome yet elusive grey eyed brother known as Mr. Marius. Little did I know that things in the rear view are not gone, just behind you and are closer than they appear.

I always knew there was something special, something different about Ginger. That day I called her into my office, she stirred something in me that I had never felt. I pushed her away and kept my distance over the four years she worked for me. I didn’t realize the extent of my feelings toward her until she suddenly quit. It was by pure and unfortunate coincidence that our paths crossed again. She was fair game to pursue now. Would she give herself a chance to get to know me now she had the life she wanted and if she did, would she accept me and my secret?

This book may be the beginning of standalone series.

This book is written and intended for adult and mature readers. It also has diverse side characters including gay, Latina, Asian, Italian and bisexual characters. The main characters are bipoc and white/Norwegian male. There are Caucasian characters as well. All characters are in their mid twenties or older.

The story contains adult language, depicts and describes sexual acts and adult subjects which may be triggers (miscarriage, suicide attempt, depression, violence)

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