Extremus Terra by J.D. Stimpson

Hailing from land ravaged by war, where the people know nothing but battle and brawl, Lucas Torinac prepares for his people’s rite of passage: to depart on a quest that will swing him across the barbaric and magical world of Extremus Terra. But our main character doesn’t really seem able to grasp the significance of the task that he has been assigned, and ambles his way into the life-threatening, unforgiving world that beckons to him. But before all can descend into utter chaos and pandemonium, his path intertwine with Ian’s.

In order to survive, Lucas needs patient guidance, and despite an honored and powerful member of their race, Ian, Lucas’ senior by twenty five years, provides just that. Finally coming to reality under Ian’s tutelage, Lucas begins to realize the magnitude of the situation, and reality threatens to show him that what he should fear most is not what lies outside, but his own.

Lucas is forced to come of age quickly, and do more than what he could ever have dreamt, but as he and Ian struggle against the odds, just trying to stay alive, it becomes clear that Lucas’ quest is no ordinary one. He must do all he can to unite the human races, and invite an era of peace and prosperity in the world.

Written with fast paced, action packed prose, Extremus Terra sinks its hooks into the reader right from the first word.  Detailing even the most miniscule thing, Extremus Terra takes readers to a fantastical world that might seem quite different from their own at first, but as the truth dawns upon them, they will begin to realize that the barbarity of Lucas’ world is a bit too familiar. Author J. D. Stimpson debuts his first novel with a dynamic, brilliantly written world that will leave readers begging for more.

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