Energist Kindle Edition by Brandon Butler

The Omni and the Omen: Book 1 Energist is the first of a five-book series. It is a fantasy adventure novel filled with action, heartfelt moments, and suspense. Energist is a story about the main protagonist, Nova Purser, who was found as a child and raised by strangers.

In his hometown, Cropsbury, he never felt the feeling of belonging, always keeping to himself. After the passing of his adoptive parents, he discovered his hidden abilities that surfaced because of years of buried grief. The discovery of his abilities leaves him with questions that he cannot hope to answer independently. With the help and advice from a family friend, he journeyed to a new land, Trypan, where he found others like him and all his uniqueness.

While in Trypan, he studies his abilities and hones his skills. Over time, he slowly uncovers his origins and his potential. Nova finds new life in Trypan, and with his newly acquired friends and girlfriend, He finally achieves the feeling of belonging in which he was so desperately searching. Along the way, he encounters fascinating animals, beasts, and even another race. Nova also meets a multitude of fatal challenges that he overcomes with the help of his friends. However, One main threat he faces alone.

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