Dreamer in the North by T.S. Gough

With her dark curls and tanned skin, Aurelia struggles to fit in with the high society she was born into, where pale skin is the ultimate marker of beauty and power. Uninspired and seen as an outcast, when her power to dream escalates to new heights and the voices that call to her from the spirit plane seem more than just that, everything around her begins to unravel.

The war her people fear looms large, and seeing its first victims, she is propelled into action and realises that her gift may hold the key to stopping the enemy. But as these strange spirits with their peculiar speech continue to beckon her to embark on this quest of magic and self-discovery, will she be ready to uncover the secret of who she is, and will she be able to bear the weight of centuries of prophecies, secrets and curses?

Because not only the living, but also the dead are depending on her.