Declutter and Remodel your life With A New You

Begin your new year with ‘A New You’.

A book that will transform your life by teaching you how to declutter and remodel your life.

Learn how to maximize the time, energy, and resources available to you right now to accomplish your dreams.
Starting off by waking up to your reality. Then close the gap that exists between your ‘aspirations’ and your ‘abilities’.

You will learn about RARA which stands for remove, avoid, reduce and accept. IDEA which is to identify, define, explore and apply. And finally PLAN, which is for proportional, logical, appropriate and necessary. Models well used within the world of policing and intelligence.

You will discover how these techniques work independently and combine together to completely transform your life. What that transformation looks like is up to you.Written by a criminal investigator it means the book gets to the point and quickly. Let’s face it; your life is already so busy you don’t need another self-help book cluttering it up.So, if you’re ready to take back your life and achieve real success, tuck right into your guide to A New You: How to Declutter and Remodel your Life.