Chess Openings For Beginners: A Complete Guide Step by Step for a Easy Learning of Chess Openings and Start Winning

Nobody Likes Losing – So Start Winning Today! With These Powerful and Proven Chess Opening Strategies, You’ll Dominate the Chessboard in No Time!

Do you feel like you’re staying behind while your friends are moving up in the chess world?

Is your goal to win the next friendly tournament or maybe you wanted to play in the big leagues?

Are you always the first who leaves the chessboard?

Ask yourself:

  • Do you want to turn things around and show the world who they’re messing with?
  • Do you want to up your chess game and start winning with a few simple moves?
  • Would you like to have people wondering how did you manage to master your chess skills so fast?

Well, you’re in for a ride!

This practical chess guide for beginners will show you how to dominate the board starting from the very first move! As the title suggests, you’ll learn the best, proven openings to grant yourself a win!

Here’s what this powerful book has to offer:

  • How to set yourself up for winning by positioning your chess figures properly on the board;
  • Think ahead and plan your midgame chess strategy from the very start;
  • Predict your opponent’s strategy based on the first move they make!

You’ll achieve all this, and much more, by relying on the contents of this book that’ll teach you about:

  • White’s Move – Basics and Variations of Pawn Openings (king’s, queen’s, and peripheral pawns openings);
  • White’s Move – Basics and Variations of Knight Openings (Reti opening, Amar opening, King’s opening, Queen’s Knight opening, etc.);
  • Black’s Move – Basics and Variations of Pawn Defenses (Defense against the king’s pawn, how to defeat the queen’s pawn, etc.);
  • Black’s Move – Basics and Variations Beyond the Pawns (exclusive insights into the most common knight defenses, Catalan opening, etc.);
  • And never-seen-before tips and tricks on how to be a winner from the very start!

If you were looking for the ultimate guide that’ll pave you the road to becoming a chess master, look no more. Get this book today and start winning by tomorrow!

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