Blood Price by Aria Storm

My week is off to a bloody terrible start. A horrifyingly grizzly mortal death has my new friend Quinn convinced we have a Dark Druid lurking about. Add to that, a possible creature from another world–a shadow world–hunting and killing humans. I also seem to have slipped up and revealed to my newly mated she-wolf that her grandfather is convinced he is dying.

With the rising death rate of humans, and a mysterious lockdown on the vampire court. I have my hands full, and not all are problems I can tackle myself. I will be forced to watch as my daughter fights her own battles. All the while attempting to restain myself from murdering her so-called step-mother!

Before all is over, I will come face-to-face with powers that potentially rival the gods.

The third gripping instalment in the “Blood and Darkness” Series.

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