Black Harlequin The Romance Revealed by Jocelyn Shaw

Black Harlequin The Romance Revealed: Black Harlequin book series (Black Harelequin The Romance Revealed)

Romance weds poetry.

The drama was beginning the romance without the caption above all asinine days that met their end without


So I took a long shower, and it was in the waters it broke. The the narrative for the next chapter begin piecing it way. I was in the naked truth with myself. Yes. Me, Myself and Ass. I.

Well the fact of the matter was it was time to get down to business and stop procrastinating. That’s what we all do when we don’t want to MAKE THE DECISION FINAL. Tonight was going to be the night.

After 20000 leagues under the passing osmosis of emotions that burned through the rain, my shower, I had a revealation.

I was going to pen it down, let go of some secrets, & cut some flowers in my secret garden.

I realized that the heavy weight of the water was a metaphor I could use now and forever. Write it Once but Sell It Forever?

The hard sell was getting in bed with Mr. Truth Be Told. What really was going on with this Pussy?

Me, Myself & Ass. I.

It was like the roll up on a beach. You know the roar of movie like waters all dreamy and shit. Hitting this rock hard like the waves hit a thousand times over a rotation.

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