BLACK CHESS: A Novel Kindle Edition by Roberta Roberts

CELESTE ALEXANDER has played the game of life by the rules but must now fight the discrimination blocking her path to independence. KENNEDY VANCE is searching for love to shield her from this hostile world. BIANCA MICHAELS is not getting the career recognition she desperately needs. They’ve been living in a bubble of progressive minds, and are awakened to the reality of an intolerant world. How can they survive, strive and thrive in this oppressive society?

Life is a chess game, and the playing field is not level. Bigotry is proudly on display in America, and abuse towards marginalized people appears to be trending. Minorities and disenfranchised people play the game of life with black chess pieces, moving second in response to the actions of the white chessmen, and therefore almost always on defense. Most points are scored by offenses, but some of the most satisfying victories come from defenses.

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