Believe, Live, Run: A story about having faith

In his story he introduces how he has become from a “village peasant” into a biomedical engineer, and what extreme difficulties he had to challenge during his way towards fulfilling childhood dreams.
Long-distance running also played a major role in his complete recovery, therefore, in this regards, but regardless sport, he introduces that knowledge and life aspect being useful for everyone, which helps us to taste the joy of life even in the most desperate moments.

My body no longer functions the way I want it to.
My limbs no longer move as I would have them. My pulse is sky-high. I’m exhausted.
I am in spasms, my legs ache. I can hardly maintain proper posture and move at the same time.
I am exhausted not only physically, but mentally as well.
Psychologically I’m falling apart; in my head, I am starting to unravel.

I would love to stop, to give up. But despite all this, a voice whispers in my ear:
“Don’t give up. Keep going. One more step. It’s just one more step.”

To keep on, the voice has to whisper in every moment, because one more step is, in reality, many thousand steps until the finish line. Several thousands of little obstacles to conquer. So many little emotional low points to get over.
The phantoms of treatment received for a malignant tumor also surface among the memories above along with those of a marathon I had previously run. What the two have in common is that reaching the goal in both cases required not only physical but mental stamina as well.
”Why me?”
Asks everyone who has ever been in this situation.
I am a strong, happy young person with my whole life ahead of me.
It is just the beginning.
I’m in my early twenties.
I resisted, I was angry at the world that all this was happening to me.
In this book, I seek and find the answer to the question “Why me?” I invite the reader to join me on this journey: it is a story about wanting to live.”

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