Aries and the Prince No More (The Usurper Chronicles) by Taylor Stephens

Aries and The Prince No More is the first book in the Usurper Chronicles, a fast-paced, action-filled fantasy series. Follow the journey of resilient Aries Fleetwood, who has been trained by her father in combat and survival from a young age. Join Aries and her family as they struggle to withstand the turmoil that erupts after one of the realms of Felicity enters into open rebellion against the zealous rule of the Apex, the governing body of the Known World.

Following in the footsteps of its violent, tyrannical past, the Apex openly suppresses ideas that challenge the faith in The One True God-even if it means killing scores of innocents. The more Aries discovers about the Apex and her past, the more her belief system is challenged. As a result, she finds herself at odds with an intense desire for revenge and a desperate need for security.

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