A Quick Guide to 2017 Holiday Fashion Trends

This year has played host to some incredible fashion trends; from the revival of some 80s throwbacks to peekaboo dresses, 2017 has seen a real diverse array of styles.


Now that the holiday season is in full swing though, there have been some new trends to take centre stage.


Frills and ruffles

Frills and ruffles have been causing a stir in the fashion world recently and, whether you love them or hate them, you can’t walk down the high street without seeing them in all their glory in shop windows. In fact, Missy Empire has a whole section dedicated to frills and ruffles so that you can nail the look.


When you think of frilly clothing, you may think of your grandmother at a wedding or an overdressed baby, but frills and ruffles don’t always have to be extra – they do, however, have to be strategically placed.


The key to pulling off this trend is making the frill or ruffle the centrepiece of your outfit instead of overdoing it with limp, misplaced, doily-esque layers. Try to stick to one focal frill or ruffle and keep the rest of your outfit simple.



Nothing screams summer more than a good floral piece so it’s no surprise that everyone and their mothers are embracing the petal patterns this season. You can opt for a splash of floral to turn some heads or you can take the look to the next level with head to toe floral prints.


Florals work best when they’re the star of the show: pair them with neutrals or metallics to soften the look, or match them with stripes from the same palette for a bit of extra edge. For some more pointers on how to wear this trend, check out this article.


Sliders and flats

Comfort is key while on holiday, but it doesn’t always have to overtake style. With the right pair of sliders or flats, you can change a casual poolside look into a suave evening style in a heartbeat.


At the height of convenience, you can slip on and slip off your sliders with ease, so there’s no need to worry about pesky laces this holiday season. This trend has split the nation in terms of its aesthetic appeal, but there’s no denying that you’ll be right in style if you nab yourself a pair of these.


All things pink

2017 has been all about injecting a bit of fun into your wardrobe, which is why pink has been here, there, and everywhere. Whether you love hot pink or you’d rather opt for a pastel, this is your year to embrace your inner Barbie.


If you want to go for a bright pink piece, it’s best to keep it as simple and as no-frills as possible – try pairing it with your favourite jeans or leggings. On the flip side, choosing a softer pink hue gives you more options to spice up your outfit with bold patterns and swanky accessories.

If you’re struggling to pull off pink, read this guide to help you on your way.