A Conflicted Love Story: Life was going just fine until one day

A forbidden love entraps her…only he can sabotage the life she’s supposed to lead!

Aliah, a successful psychologist, who is great at helping others but not herself, is caught between two worlds. Her parents have “arranged” her to marry a nice, handsome doctor who will fit in well with the family. She has grown fond of Sam but her heart still lies with her old college flame, Ary, her first love. Aliah finds herself at a crossroads but with the help of her two best friends, Talia and Mirlande, she must find the strength to make a decision that will forever change her destiny. Will she choose Sam to maintain the peace in her family? Or will the fire that once faded rise from her innermost desires to wreak havoc on her life?

Along the way, Talia and Mirlande, will begin to experience their own conflicts. Talia, whose past catches up to her, fights for her life from physical and psychological injuries she has incurred. Mirlande, after years of attracting the “wrong” type of men, may have finally met the perfect man or at least she thinks.

These three best friends, who come from different walks of life, are on a journey to help each other overcome their obstacles and find true love… but fate has other plans for them.